HowTo Install Android on Windows

HowTo Install Android on Windows

Android from google has made a huge impact in smartphone technology. It is now one of the most used OS for smartphone. If you do not have an Android Smartphone and yet u wanna try Android appz/games/etc, u can now do it on your PC. I would give a short yet easy tutorial on howto install android on your pc.

1. Download Android SDK, AVD Manager

2. Install it

3. Install packages

4. You can choose any or even all packages or just the latest Android 2.3 /2.2/2.1

5. Create a virtual device clicking "New" 

  • Name of the device Android.2.3 or Android.2.2 or Android.2.1 depending which u   installed

6. Start the device:

7. Next, Click "Launch"

8. Here are the booting images

Congratulation, you can now enjoy all what are supposed could only be enjoyed on Android Smartphone without the need to buy one. It has the well-known android browser, just go to the android market and enjoy your "new gadget".

Tested on: Win7 Pro

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