Pluralsight: C# Fundamentals

Pluralsight: C# Fundamentals
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C# is Microsoft's entry into the world of managed programming. Using a syntax that is deliberately reminiscient of Java, C++ and C, C# achieves a natural tradeoff of terseness and clarity, enabling programmers to express concepts in a clear and maintainable form. Recent enhancements to the language have made it even more powerful than before, allowing programmers to work with C# in both an object-oriented and partially functional style.

Scott Allen is a member of the technical staff at Pluralsight, where he focuses on connected systems and Web development. Scott has over 15 years of experience in commercial software development and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, and local user groups. Scott is a Microsoft MVP and has authored books on several Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, C#, and Windows Workflow.

An Introduction to C# 0:53:27
Classes and Objects 0:49:12
C# - Types 0:58:46
C# - Events, Properties, and Methods 0:54:56
C# - Flow Control and Exceptions 0:49:49
C# and the CLR 0:52:11
C# and Generics 0:46:21

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