Java Distributed Computing Training Tutorial

Java Distributed Computing Training Tutorial | 478 MB
Java Distributed Computing offers a general introduction to distributed computing, meaning programs that run on two or more systems. It focuses primarily on how to structure and write distributed applications and discusses issues like designing protocols, security, working with databases, and dealing with low bandwidth situations.

Student CD: version 1.0

"This CD contains the entire course with additional information in the form of References and Assignments"

================================================== ==========

1) The screen resolution should be 1024 X 768 with 24 bits-true color or higher.

2) To view the CD Presentation double click the "start.exe" file.

3) To exit from the application, click on the "Close" button provided at the top-right corner of the menu screen.

================================================== ==========

Following softwares need to be pre-installed before running the CD.

1) WinZip-8.0 or above
2) Adobe Acrobat Reader-5.0 or above
3) Internet Explorer- 5.5/6.0
4) Macromedia Flash Player-7.0 or above

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