Firefox Family Pack build 11

Firefox Family Pack build 11

Firefox Family Pack build 11 | 71MB

Firefox Family Pack aka FFXFP is collection of Popular Mozilla Products in one single pack. This pack was last released on 2008. After all of this time it was closed in developing, and Now its again here. Though it contains all Mozilla Products but it is never directly build in Mozilla rather then that, it created & Published under Super-fast Software Co.

What it Contains
-Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12 Latest
-Mozilla Firefox 4.0.6 beta Latest
-Mozilla Firefox Premium Theme 3.x (12 nos)
-Mozilla Firefox bulk video Uploader
-Mozilla Moz-Backup Software Latest
-Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0.10 Latest

Details Info about the Products

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12
The Number one* Browser in the whole world, Fast, Customizable, Plugin & Addon Support and many More!

Mozilla Firefox 4.0.6 beta
Firefox future release beta version.

Mozilla Firefox Premium Theme
A set of 12 Premium Themes that are available for Online Purchasing to customize Firefox in various ways, Its Fully cracked.

Mozilla Bulk Video Uploader

Normally using Firefox, in youtube and other videouploading site you can upload one video at a time, But using thus tiny extension you can upload several videos at a time without causing any problems.

Mozilla Moz-Backup Software
This software will help you to store all your bookmarks passwords, extension, Addons and everything in a single using this, if you mistakenly deleted or uninstall mozilla you can get back anything.

Mozilla Thunderbird
The latest release of Desktop based email client You can establish a connection btwn your fav. email server.

Why use Family Pack?
Family pack comes with all the populer software in one pack. And it updated monthly. One Download serves all.

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