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KASPERSKY KIS/KAV all keys Update 06-10-2010 
KASPERSKY KIS/KAV all keys Update 06-10-2010 | 5mb

How to Active :
Activate your kaspersky 2010 with key file
1. Disable/Unplug your internet connection.
2. Click for trial version or enter this Bad code
3. Kaspersky will show you an error.
4. A new window will appear with key file browsing option.
5. Select your key from browsing window.
Download application kaspersky internet security/KAV 2010 :

Download key update 04-10-2010 :

Download key update 05-10-2010 :

Download key update 06-10-2010 :

Kaspersky keys are blacklisted everyday. so there are lot more keys are found as well. so keep checking this topic for all the latest keys.
Link updated daily,check here .

Folder on Hotfile Kaspersky-key update daily :

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