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G Data Internet Security 2011

G Data Internet Security 2011 Build + Rus-KS
G Data Internet Security 2011 Build + Rus-KS | 290Mb

G Data Internet Security 2011 - is a convenient, the most improved and optimized protection against viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans, hackers, phishing and other malicious software, equipped with a completely invisible and silent firewall. In addition, functional design and a new, intuitive user interface that promises to get the true pleasure of surfing including gamers.Within a few seconds a newtechnology OutbreakShield blocks new viruses, and it is much faster than any other antivirus software.Two anti-virus core in a single product, unparalleled manageability, free update virus databases and support group G Data. When you use the program to protect the corporatenetwork, G Data provides protection against various types of malicious code and potentially dangerous executable files before their actual entry into the network. G Data - anti-virus protection using DoubleScan and technology OutbreakShield.

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